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What Is A Floodflash Insurance Policy

Did you know that floods are the leading natural disaster in the United States? Therefore, they could possibly cause a lot of property damage in your area. Your homeowner's insurance policy or commercial policy will typically not cover destruction that arises from floods. So, it is highly recommended that you look into a Floodflash insurance policy whether you live in high or low-risk flood zones. You will find fantastic Floodflash brokers who will advise you on the best policies to lower your premiums while the Floodflash resilience team helps you to avoid the flooding occurring on your commercial properties.

Floodflash insurance appeals to a broader audience than traditional insurance with a wide budget. FloodFlash's mission is to make event-based insurance accessible to all and ensure that everyone can recover from a flooding disaster. The company is even more committed to offering flood insurance to those who need it most quickly, easily, and affordably.

Why is Floodflash Insurance one of the Best?

Floodflash limited offers a parametric insurance system. The expenses and uncertainties involved with each policy make parametric insurance cheaper than traditional flood insurance. Traditional flood insurance costs more because it must pay for loss assessors, claims staff, legal fees, and other expenses. When a flood occurs, traditional insurers are also more vulnerable to uncertainties. Because of all these factors, they can't foresee the damage inflicted by a flood; therefore, their final bill is unclear - and they cope with these uncertainties by charging higher premiums or refusing to cover the flood.

At Floodflash, they agree on a fixed compensation for when a flood happens, which they will measure with a sensor, so they avoid the costs and uncertainty indicated earlier. As a result, Floodflash premiums may be much lower than traditional flood insurers.

What Are the Advantages of using Sensors by Floodflash?

Every Floodflash policy is tied to a mobile-connected sensor set on your premises. If the sensor detects any flooding, it alerts the Floodflash headquarters. When the agreed-upon trigger depth is reached, the sensor sends an alarm to the company's employees. Floodflash starts the claims procedure right away, with no paperwork needed.

Because the sensor is a critical component of FloodFlash insurance, it is built to last. The sensor is designed in several ways;

  • It has high accuracy for checking the depth measurement.
  • It has a long-lasting battery- it can last for 7-12 years.
  • It has an internet connection that is used to channel the flood data.
  • It has a memory chip for storing flooding details.
  • It is resistant to storms and tampering.
  • It is simple and quick to install.

What Floodflash Insurance covers?

Floodflash insurance offers commercial business coverage to protect your business and its contents. While signing up for the insurance policy, you need to understand the building contents covered under the Floodflash insurance policy. Some business items might not be covered, such as; valuable papers, currency, and items damaged by mold.

How much will it Cost?

Floodflash Limited has well-experienced Floodflash brokers that can advise you on the premiums to pay based on several factors. Some of the factors that will be considered include;

  • Location of your property and how close it is to a body of water.
  • The structure of your building and the elevation of the property.
  • Type of coverage you want- replacement cost value you choose.
  • If the area is designated as a flooding zone.
  • Age of the building and the number of floors in your building.

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