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American Bankers Flood Insurance

When protecting your home or business from a flood, American Bankers Flood Insurance is a strong option. They have been providing quality flood insurance to businesses for over 30 years. Their experience and expertise make them a great choice for your flood insurance company.

Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?American Bankers Flood Insurance

According to the National Flood Insurance Program and FEMA, flood is the most common catastrophe affecting US businesses, with flooding occurring in all 50 states. A flood can destroy your property and disrupt your business operations. Many businesses are not adequately insured against floods, leaving them vulnerable to financial ruin.

  • Floods can happen anytime, anywhere—even in areas that have never experienced flooding. Just one inch of water can cause significant damage to your assets.
  • Homes are more likely to sustain flood damage as compared to fire damage.
  • Typically, damage resulting from a flood isn't covered by a home insurance policy.
  • Damage caused by one inch of floodwater might cost above $20,000
  • According to FEMA, about 20% of flood damage occurs in low-risk areas.


What Does American Bankers Flood Insurance Cover?

American Bankers Flood insurance covers two categories of insurable property: contents and buildings. Building coverage, covers your structure and property coverage will cover your other possessions; but none covers the land of the occupant.

Offers Flood Coverage For:


  • Single-family home
  • Unit in residential apartment
  • Two-to four-family home

Residential Building Association Policy

  • Offered to residential condo association in place of owners or the association.

General Properties

  • Five or more-unit buildings that are not eligible for condo policy
  • Non-residential condo
  • Non-residential structure

American bankers offers Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP): This is the most common flood insurance policy. It covers building and contents up to $250,000 each.

Suppose your home costs more than this amount to reconstruct. In that case, you might want to buy an Excess Flood Insurance Policy (EFIP) through private insurance entities. This policy covers damages above and beyond what the SFIP does—designed for business owners with high-value assets. It covers up to $5 million in damages.


The Benefits of Choosing American Bankers Flood Insurance

  • They are the largest and most experienced flood insurance provider in the United States.
  • Offer a variety of flood insurance products to fit your needs.
  • They have the financial strength and stability to weather any storm.
  • Claims process is efficient and straightforward.
  • They have a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to help you in the event of a flood.


How Does American Bankers Flood Insurance Pay Claims?

American Bankers Flood Insurance pays claims promptly and efficiently. The two main reimbursement methods include:

Replacement Cost Value: Reimburses you for the cost to repair or replace damaged property. It is eligible to owners of primary residences living on the premises for 80% of their time and covered within 80% of the replacement cost.

Actual Cash Value: Pays claims based on the replacement cost of the damaged property minus depreciation. It's reimbursable to personal property and other buildings.



If you are looking for the best flood insurance for your business, American Bankers Flood Insurance is a great choice.  If you would like to compare quotes from FEMA and other top rated private flood insurance companies – just click the button below and complete the short quote form.  Choose the best flood insurance quote for you – you could save thousands!

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