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Assurant Flood Insurance - How Good Is It?

Floods can be destructive if they happen in your neighborhood, and the cost of replacing the destroyed items can fall beyond your reach. As a result, you must acquire Assurant flood insurance to safeguard your building and its contents. This is because your homeowner's policy, most likely, will not cover any damages that arise from floods.

Assurant flood pro is dedicated to safeguarding what matters most to you, and their flood insurance products help you do just that. Assurant American Bankers Flood Insurance has been selling flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program for over 30 years (NFIP). The company was one of the first companies to join the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and is now the second largest company selling flood insurance.

Developments in the NFIP, flood regulation, and climate variability, have all influenced the flood insurance industry. As a result, Assurant penetrated the private flood market with products adapted to industry and client requirements.

Assurant’s expertise and long-standing dedication to the NFIP and their unique private products enable them to assist agency partners in growing quicker and going further while still protecting what matters most to our consumers.

Why Choose Assurant Private Flood Products?

In 2017, the private flood market surged by more than 50% as brokers braced for reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Flood insurance agents are increasingly interested in working with Assurant to offer private flood products for commercial properties, residential properties, and condominiums - RCBAP.

Some reasons why Assurant flood insurance is the best:

Financially stable

Their flood insurance agents' are aware that they honor all valid claims anytime and have more than a $32 billion market cap. This reveals that they have strong financial ability.

40 years of experience

Assurant has more than 40 years of experience in flood insurance; hence can assist you with all the necessary connections and navigations of the industry.

Comprehensive products

Assurant flood policy products, innovation, and unique add-ons you need to grab attention and effectively run your business or protect your home.

Customer service

At Assurant, the customer is always the priority; therefore, they pay close attention to details to ensure that every customer gets enough satisfaction through their experts.

Incredible Creativity

New product development, including the ability to write flood insurance without the need for an elevation certificate, industry-first Flex Cash, and two pending patents in 2018.

What is the Cost of Flood Insurance from Assurant?

When you apply for an Assurant flood policy, various factors will be considered when coming up with the cost of your policy. Some of these factors include;

  • Location of your house – Is it in a flood zone or how close it is to a body of water.
  • Structure of your house (masonry or frame) - the elevation of the house or building above the base flood plain.
  • Type of coverage you want - replacement cost value you choose.
  • If the area is designated as a flooding zone.
  • Age of the building and number of floors in your home or building.

Assurant has a Flood Wrap & Excess Coverage that serves to complement the limits that NFIP has set out in the flood insurance coverage limits.

  • Gives more flood coverage that extends to $500,000 above the limit set by NFIP.
  • Pays for temporary living expenses - maximum of $100 per day or $2,000 every month for a maximum of $20,000 per incident.
  • Pays a maximum of $5,000 for personal items and $5,000 for property damage in basements.
  • For the flood damage of golf carts, it pays up to $2,500 and for trailers pays $1,000.
  • Pays $2,500 as additional handicap ramp and deck coverage.

If you reach out to the Assurant flood insurance specialists, they will provide you with an Assurant flood insurance quote.  Or you can click the button below and compare flood insurance quotes from FEMA and other top rated private flood insurance companies – you could save thousands!!

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