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Geico Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a very important policy for anyone living near a body of water or in a flood designated area. Geico is a company that can help you with flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. Under this program, insurance companies are obliged to issue flood insurance policies while the federal government takes responsibility for administering the flood policy.  You can also acquire renters flood insurance through Geico.

Why Must I Acquire Flood Insurance?

Two factors will necessitate you to acquire a flood insurance policy for your house; if you live in a high flood risk area or have a house mortgage that requires the coverage. The mortgage company will force you to acquire flood insurance based on these two criteria. When you live in a special flood hazard area (SFHA), there will always be at least one percent possibility of a flood happening in your locality.

You might think that you are free from floods because your property is not near a body or water, like a beach. Unfortunately, that is not the case – many flood insurance claims come from properties outside the flood zone areas.  There are so many factors that may put you at risk of floods, such as weather patterns, type of soil, and surrounding terrain.

When Should I Acquire Flood Insurance?

You don't need to wait for signs of flood to buy flood insurance. Get it as early as now. It will take 30 days for your Geico flood coverage to take effect after you sign up. If you're buying a house and the closing is in less than 30 days, this rule may not apply.

What Does a Geico Flood Insurance Policy Cover?

Geico flood insurance will insure your residential or commercial building, together with its contents, and make sure you are well protected and covered in case of floods occurring in your locality.

Some of the house items covered by Geico home flood insurance include; cabinets, electrical and plumbing systems, electrical appliances, air conditioning systems, etc. Worth noting is that there will be separate and different limits and deductibles on the home structure and the contents.

What is Not Covered Under Geico Flood Coverage?

Some personal belongings will not be covered according to the NFIP insurance contract. Some of these items include: valuable papers, currency, swimming pools, additional living expenses, damages resulting from earth-moving, etc. Therefore, once you get your policy contract, ensure you check it through to know what will be covered and what will not be covered by the policy.

What is the Cost of A Geico Flood Insurance Policy?

When you go for a Geico home flood insurance policy, various factors will be considered when coming up with the cost of your policy. Some of these factors include:

  • Location of your house or commercial building - how close it is to a body of water.
  • Structure of your house or building - the elevation of the house.
  • Type of coverage you want - replacement cost value you choose.
  • If the area is designated as a flooding zone.
  • Age and number of floors in your home or building.

You can get a Geico flood insurance quote at or contact our qualified flood insurance specialists to give you an instant flood insurance quote based on your scenario.  Compare FEMA and private flood insurance companies – you could save thousands!!

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