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USAA Flood Insurance

According to the federal government, floods are the most prevalent natural disaster in the United States. Flooding occurs in every state, leaving homes with significant repair expenditures. Why? Because standard homeowner's insurance or commercial insurance do not typically cover flood damage.

Understanding the true costs and dangers of flood damage will help you determine if flood insurance is necessary for you. Acquiring flood insurance will help you protect both your building and some of your valuables in the building.

Who Needs USAA Flood Insurance?

Flooding is commonly associated with coastal areas subject to extreme weather, such as tropical storms and hurricanes, which can cause torrential rain, strong winds, and storm surge. This is not the only case of flood risk though.

During the winter, do you get snow or ice? Water damage can be caused by melting spring runoff. Are you in a drought-prone area? Flash floods may cause havoc in a matter of minutes. If natural drainage systems are disrupted, even developments near your property might increase flood risk. Mudflows, which occur when heavy rains generate mud-rivers, are classified as floods.

Therefore, according to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), anyone with property in a high risk flood zone should acquire flood insurance. However, USAA flood insurance is not limited to those living in high-risk flood zones but also to those with property in low to medium flooding zones. FEMA says that around 20% of the flooding claims come from low to medium flooding zones.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

When you are going to buy a USAA flood insurance policy, you will have two options: building coverage and contents coverage.

Building coverage

Building coverage will insure the physical structures of your building, including; walls, plumbing systems, electrical systems, window blinds, cabinets, carpeting, and other major appliances.

Contents coverage

Contents coverage will cover your possessions such as clothes, electronics, furniture, and other portable items.

Make sure you're aware of the policy's restrictions for each sort of coverage you are choosing. Some goods, such as curtains, dryers, and washers, may seem to be covered under the building policy, but they are covered under the contents policy.

What is not covered under USAA Flood Insurance?

It can be tough to tell the difference between flood damage and water damage compensation claims as far as insurance is concerned. It's all about locating the source of the issue. Floods claims are supposed to originate from actual floods from rising surface or ground water or flood-related erosions. Therefore, some of the items that are not covered include;

  • Items damaged due to mold and mildew- you can avoid this kind of damage.
  • Currency, valuable metals, and valuable papers such as stock certificates.
  • Property outside the house or commercial building, such as fences, swimming pools, and trees.
  • Living expenses such as temporary housing.

How much Does USAA Flood Insurance Cost?

The average flood insurance cost in the United States is around $700, as per FEMA. However, several factors might affect your flood insurance price; therefore, you might be required to pay more or less depending on:

  • The risk of flooding in your neighborhood.
  • The coverage you choose.
  • The amount of deductible.
  • Your house's age and architecture.
  • The altitude of your home or business.

According to FEMA, the maximum flood insurance for building coverage will be $250,000, while that of content coverage will be $100,000. You can reach out to USAA flood insurance agents to advise you on the best USAA flood insurance and give you a USAA flood insurance quote.  Or you can click the button below and compare flood insurance coverage and prices from FEMA and private flood insurance companies – quick and easy.  And when you compare policies – you save!!

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